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Our clinic

We are delighted to be partners in your pet’s care.  We offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services to address the needs of dogs and cats. Our professional, caring and compassionate team can help whether your family pet needs preventive care or advanced medical treatment.

We are also one of the few practices in North America that is equipped with WellKennels, so your pet’s comfort and wellbeing is ensured on those few occasions when you need to leave them with us.

Harwood Veterinary Clinic is where family values meet veterinary expertise. Come in for a chat and you’ll see the difference.



Our vet

Our caring veterinarian is experienced, skilled, and here to help.

Dr. Bart graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1976 (Lublin, Poland). Spent the first 3 years practicing on large animals in rural Poland. Decided to pursue a PhD degree and spent 2 years in research (developing a vaccine against bovine malignant edematous disease). He abandoned everything and left Poland in 1981 as the threat of martial law and a Soviet invasion became real. Spent the next year practicing in a mixed practice in Bad Soden (West Germany). Came to Canada in 1983 and shortly thereafter started to work as a veterinary assistant to Dr. Jean Gauvin, and later to Dr. Christian d’Orangeville (1984-88). They encouraged him to pass the Canadian National Examining Board licensing exams, which he did. He obtained his Certificate of Qualification in 1989 and his Quebec Licence in 1990. Opened his practice (Clinique Veterinaire Villeray-Papineau) in 1991. Moved with his family to Hudson in 1999 and sold the Montreal practice in 2012. Started practicing in our region as a mobile vet doing house calls in 2013. Opened Clinique Veterinaire Harwood in March of 2019. …the rest is history… 😊

About our WellKennels

Our Clients Say it Best

  • Penny O.
    When we got our little Teddy I wasn’t sure which veterinarian clinic to use. I did my homework and Clinique Veterinaire Hardwood with Dr. Bart and his team was my number one choice!
    The first few months Teddy had a few little problems and was so impressed at how they took care of my little guy. The service was amazing and made me feel at ease. If I have any questions or concerns, they respond back to me the same day if I don’t get through right away.
    I can’t say enough about this veterinarian clinic! Well recommended if anyone is looking for their animals!
    Teddy just loves ❤️ it there!
    Penny O.
  • Dave P.
    The most amazing place. A very caring doctor and a wonderful staff! Very highly recommend it.
    Dave P.
  • Marine C.
    I've had pets for as long as I can remember, and I am presently the mommy of five wonderful rescued cats (2-16yrs). In the last year and a half, I have been coming to DR Bart with 3 of my "kitties". Each visit tops the previous. Until now, I have never met a vet who treats my babies as if they were my babies. He has such love and compassion and is so kind and gentle with the animals. Dr Bart is in it for the animals.
    Marine C.
  • Diane B.
    I am at a loss for words, adequate enough, to express my gratitude to Dr Bart and his dedicated team, for not allowing my familys dog to die on my sons birthday last night! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart 💖 we know, at 13 yrs old, that our boys days are limited. But Dr Bart & his team knew that yesterday was NOT his time to go and did everything in their power to see to it that our old man made it through surgery to remove a blockage in his stomach!... thank you thank you thank you 🙏
    Diane B.
  • Monika S.
    The most recommended clinic!!!
    Dr. Bart is a great, best vet. The clinic provides full care in every way. Thank you on behalf of my pets for everything they got from the team at the clinic.
    I recommend it to everyone!!!
    Monika S.
  • Tara S.
    Where do I even begin… Harwood Veterinary Clinic has been my saving grace. My dog, Otis, now 6, has struggled greatly with weight issues due to a thyroid condition as well as horrible food allergies since we brought him home at just 10 weeks old. I have seen other vets, but no one has taken the time to work with Otis and myself to make sure that he’s in his best physical form like Harwood has. I’ve had several dogs throughout my life, and I’ve never met such a caring, compassionate, and devoted team like them. BRAVO Harwood! Thank you for loving my Otis as much as I do!
    Tara S.
  • 269 Animal Rescue
    269 Animal Rescue would love to thank Dr. Bart and his amazing team for the amazing job they did when we brought in “Emy” our 19 year cat. They quickly got us in the same day and saved our oldest rescues life. Thank you so very much.
    269 Animal Rescue
  • Anne V.
    Great Vet! Amazing team! Awesome receptionist!
    Anne V.